Inaction is deadly. There are many causes for hesitation, but the end result is death. Maybe not permanent life-death, but the death of your personality, of your dreams, or your good health. Most cases of inaction are easily spotted and managed. Like that “oh shit! I haven’t filed my taxes”. However, the type of inaction I want to put the spotlight on is much less obvious and much more deadly (Well, maybe not as far the IRS in concerned).


The type of inaction I’m talking about can almost be considered stagnation. From becoming satisfied and simply settling with what you have instead of what you want(ed) because it is good enough. Need examples? Go look at your Facebook. On mine there at at least two examples of people I knew in High school and College¬†that are now selling insurance for a living and at least one other that is caught in a network marketing scam. No one in their right mind goes into high school or even college thinking, “Hey when i graduate I want to become an insurance salesman.”


Its not the situation you’re in, it’s what you do with it.


Its understandable that most people don’t have the means to drop everything and go become a pilot for American Airlines, or open up their own art gallery. It all boils down to a simple question: What decisions are they making to get to the next level in their lives? Its possible that they are simply stagnant, content with where they are, and not making any decisions. Actually, just doing what they have been doing for what may be years and what might be decades in the future. An easy example of such a person is a substitute teacher I had in the seventh grade that will forever be etched into my memory because when this older lady introduced herself to the class and said very blankly stated “I have been a substitute teacher for thirty years”, at this point I raised my hand and asked why? This lady was extremely offended and removed me from the classroom. But it left me wondering, how can someone just sit as a substitute teacher for over three decades, why not a full time teacher or anything else? It would have been better if she looked happy or enjoyed her time with kids but she looked miserable, she was stagnant.


A bad decision is better than none.


People like this have become risk obverse, almost as if they don’t think they can improve their situation and anything they do to climb higher in the totem pole is just going to make their lives harder. DON’T be that person, Be actively dreaming and making goals! once a goal has been reached make another one, NEVER be content with what you have, because the second you do, you might as well be dead. i mean whats the point anyway? (rhetorical question)


It doesn’t matter what direction, just keep moving.