Headstart your career, life with Unsoundly

I’m Unsound. I’m a 25-35 year old dude from [redacted] with stereotypical ADHD. The most important thing in my world is myself. The most important thing to you, should be you.

I didn’t win the lottery, I don’t drive a fancy car, and I’m not a millionaire, (yet). I’ve have something better, and as gay as it sounds, my best quality is my desire to learn. Fortunately, that factor, when combined with extreme narcissism, has lead me to great success.

Self improvement is the only goal worth pursuing.

So what qualifies you to give advice?

Glad you asked.

Without going through the whole life story, I didn’t drop out of school, but I should have. Everything you ever need to learn can be found online. Through self study, and the help of some friends, I run two Internet based companies, and one brick-and-mortar. I get offers all the time that people wish they had, which leads to a bit of travel. If this sounds like bragging, it’s not, I’m just amazing. (And you can be too!)

A lot of my friends are at the age where they want to start improving their life, (hell yes, step one). I’ve made a lot of money being an amateur career and relationship coach, but here it is all for free. Because I love you.

If you keep reading what’s on this site you’re going to find the resources, techniques, training, and everything that got me to a place that I think it pretty awesome. More information gets added all the time since I’m always learning too. See how that works?

I, at no time imply superiority or claim to know it all. I stand on the shoulder of giants, like we all do. I’m wandering through life as you are. If at any time I appear to be taking the high ground, you can assume it was because I was in a cocky mood most likely fueled by drinking while writing as, I am want to do. #ThanksHemmingway