True freedom through entrepreneurship.


For most people, the thought never occurs to them that they don’t have to work for anyone else. This simple fact of freedom brings with it incredible power and success and empowers every aspect of your life.


So the first thing to get out of the way is that this section is not going to teach you how to get promoted. It’s not going to teach you to climb the corporate ladder or dance your way through political games. That’s what I consider “career” and it’s a very different section. That being said, having a firm grasp on the ideas that we focus on in the business section, will synergize with every other aspect of success in your life. (That’s a recurring theme around here, taking the holistic approach of life, everything affects everything).

If you’re looking for a step by step approach to start a business, become an entrepreneur, and retire to financial freedom, well there isn’t one. It’s because being an entrepreneur is not about following guides or following the rules everyone tells you to go by. Starting your own business is a mindset. An entrepreneur is someone who can think of a way to make a profit doing anything, someone who sees opportunity everywhere, has an abundance mentality.

These resources don’t give you the tactics to start your own business, they don’t tell you how to fill out your tax forms, and make an LLC, they instill in you a mindset. It’s almost exactly the story of teaching a man to fish.

The main difference, in my mind, on what separates business from career is that in career you learn the rules of the game and you master them. In business, you make your own rules and make other people follow the ones you set up. You are literally bending the world to fit you.

Adapt to environment
Make your environment adapt to you


You could make a case that to better make your own rules, you should understand how the ‘career rules’ work. It’s a valid argument, but my answer to that is by that point you’re already brainwashed into following what you believe is the truth of the world. It’s harder to be creative and imagine your own. Not impossible, just harder. Additionally, the benefits of being able to set your own rules transfer over to if you start operating in a career setting. You know what rules you can break and get away with it and you have the confidence and audacity to do so.


So what’s the number one key to success in business? Failure. It takes on average 2-3 failed businesses before one sticks. I’m not even going to make this part funny or clever as I am wont to do. Embrace failure, failure is you learning. Don’t be ashamed of it. I still remember embarrassing things I did when I was in elementary school, but you know what makes that look like nothing? Failing as an adult at something. Your next failure will always be the worst, and then quickly eclipsed. So the most successful person is someone who fails so much that he doesn’t flinch at it anymore. Doesn’t even allocate mental space.


I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan


Like the other sections, this serves as a resource to find out more information. I can’t summarize everything here, and the original authors can put it much better than I can. Like in most cases, the order here matters as sources build on the foundation set the by the previous. None of these are fluff books, I’ve read countless business books, these are the top 1%. If you skip the first 2 Robert Kiyosaki books, you might as well not read any.

What we have is here is a list of foundational reading. These books pave the way for most of our discourse and strategies for hacking your way to the top of your career. Get the hardback, the eBook, the audiobook, just something. The cliff notes can work, but the more you indulge in these, the stronger you’ll be.
Robert T Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This is arguably the greatest text for setting a solid foundaiton of financial literacy which is the basis of business sucess. Here you learn how wealthy people view money. You relearn vocabulary you thought you could define, but now see in a completely different light.

Cashflow Quadrant

The squeal to RDPD. Here we see examples of the difference between the different types of working people. We also see the first evidence of the separation between ‘career’ and ‘business’, although he uses different vocabulary. “Employed & Self employed” VS “Business Owner & Investor”

4 Hour Workweek

What you’re looking for in this book is a to develop your now changing perspective of working for a living. The get rich quick “techniques” here are not the point, you can safely ignore them. “It challenged me to evaluate my perspective on the cost and availability of my own dreams.” – Random Amazon Reviewer

The E-Myth

Woah boy, get ready to get some real shockers in this. It’s the behind the curtain story of why most businesses fail, (yours, too). It’s a narrative story of all the steps in making your own business, dispelling all the myths along the way. If you’ve ever had a thought like “Gee, I’m not one of those business owner types. Too risky, too much work, I don’t understand how it works”, then this book is for you. It’s not even hard work to make a business if you have discipline, and this book shows you how to avoid stupid mistakes so that when you fail, it’s a good failure you learn a whole lot from.

Strengths Finder 2.0

So now you’re convinced that you have the capabilities to start your own business, but what do you start? Hell, I still don’t know what I want to do “when I grow up”, but at least this book, (and included quiz), have given me a way better grasp on what types of ventures I’m more likely to be successful in.


You’ve, (hopefully), got some idea of the direction you want to go. Mastery shows how to perfect your skills and grow beyond all your peers. My description doesn’t do justice, this is a must read. Robert Greene is a damn good author and you can be sure one of his books is in every section.

Crush It

It’s long, but some of the best business advice you’ll ever get. If you internalize anything here, this will never do you wrong.

This is what made Gary Vaynerchuk famous. You’ve got your idea, you’ve got your passion, now’s the time to cash in. Hit it full force. This is most likely the motivation you need to finally get that push to do something. Showing up is like, 80% of the battle. And a ‘B’ is a passing grade.


What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. Rework shows you the way. You’ll learn how to be more productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons more counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you.

Role Model: Tony Stark

Tony Stark inherited the billion dollar company, Stark Industries. He didn’t start from the ground up like we have to, but that’s not why he’s a role model. Tony embodies the freedom to do whatever the hell you want when you are mentally and financially free.