It’s no secret, we live in an almost completely digital world. Content is digital, but more importantly, shareable. When was the last time you bought a CD? When was the last time you just went and, torrent, legally downloaded the album?

buys music


BUT! For some things, it might be better to spend that money.

And no, it’s not some white-knight ethics you were taught in grade school that compels that statement.

Psychologically, if you get something for free, it’s worth a little bit less to you. You can be like, “Well, I didn’t spend resources getting this, so I can put off reading this ebook for a while.” Then it never gets read. I’m really guilty of that. You can download the entire business library and nonchalantly put it on your back burner.

Conversely, there are many products out there (IE: Rosetta Stone), that are WAY overpriced on purpose. They want only committed people to sign up for their program, and one of the easiest ways to show you’re committed to something is invest in it with either time or money.

There are a ton of free things that I’ve devoured immediately, something I was excited for, passionate about. There are many more things that I just never got to since there was no cost.

If you need another way to motivate yourself into getting books read, workout programs done, etc., you might consider spending money on something that is actually easy to find online for free.