The communists understand the importance of strategies. That’s all they did for 50 years, hold strategy sessions on how to take over local and federal governments. They never really debated their ideology. Sure there were some dissent and splinter groups, but overall they decided that being revolutionary is more important than knowing 100% what they actually believe in. Why are people on the right-ish (I’m looking at you, libertarians) always talking and discussing among themselves, without reaching out to others. You debate for years and never get around to running for office or reaching out to others. Yeah, you are great debaters and your ideology is an intellectual bulwark, but what’s the point if only 3% of Americans share your point of view?


Because principles are more important to them than popularity. That’s why they’re libertarians.
What’s the point of converting others if the tactics used to do so would dilute or compromise that very point of view? If being popular and grabbing power was more important to us than maintaining the purity of the ideals, why not just become leftists?


The whole point of the libertarian philosophy is that it is foundationally sustainable, because it is NOT a populist doctrine, but a rational one. Meanwhile, the empires built on lies and democracy always crumble, as the current one is doing.


Keep sticking to your guns, fellow freedom lovers, and history will vindicate you.