Tumblr in general is full of literally crazy people. Normally I won’t trek into those woods, but a cold shower of insanity is part of my diet. It’s just normally a different flavor. This Tumblr post is actually pretty normal, she’s not declaring she sexually identifies as a tree or anything. What it does though, is make you realize that for girls “normal” is denial.


Take a look, or just read the rest of my ramblings.


All and all, I thought the first paragraph was well written. It’s my sort of comical style.

My buddy sent me this link earlier, and I normally like to hear what other people’s opinions are before I chime in and vomit my version of the truth all over whatever conversation we were having before.


this morning i finally got around to it and found it a bit interesting to read about the perspective from the other side of the table. To be honest it made me a bit angry while at the same time curious, i dont think it was written in such a romantic tone by accident, its almost insulting to read. She paints such a romantic back drop and then gets surprised when a guy fall in to it. Like how the fuck can someone possibly be that clue less and naive as to blame EVERYONE but herself. This might be the type of chick that gets pissed when she goes crowd surfing and a guy touches her without expressed consent… just kinda pissed off and rambling.


“To blame EVERYONE but herself”, That’s textbook western women mindset.


But is it her fault?

In society women can never be held accountable for their actions. Look at female statutory rape. They get a slap on the hand where as a guy would go to jail for life. If she cheats it’s always because she was “lured” away. If she is upset it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. She gets her robbed and it’s societies fault rather than the fact she was walking around at night drunk holding wads of cash in her hand.


Asking for it


This girl subconsciously knew what she was doing, probably even actively sought it out. Look at this line:

“but i didn’t mind because it was attention and i liked attention.”

She’s just like all other women. All women are like that. (AWALT)


That’s the entire premise of a “beta orbiter.” Someone who provides her attention without getting sex. Modern women expect everyone they’re not attracted to, to be their fucking slaves and do whatever their whim.


There is no such thing as female friends. There will always be some sort of sexual tension, the less attractive one will always crush on the more attractive. Guys only approach and talk to girls for the hope of eventual sex. And while maybe you don’t hold the same view yet, I’m sure you’ll get there. Do not, under any circumstances, buy into the “friends” mindset. Women are happy to spin out these pretend friendships for months or even years, as they receive validation from them for minimal emotional investment. But the truth is you’re not truly friends – there’s an imbalance. You want something more from her than she is unwilling to provide and you both know it.


As it’s often repeated around, they don’t want you for who you are, but for what you are. Never delude yourself about it. Laugh when you hear that bullshit again, “women are as sexual as men”. No they aren’t. They’re just businesswomen. Pay accordingly. Don’t give up yourself if you get nothing in exchange. And finally, you just accept that you’re an utility to them. You stop putting them on a pedestal.


There’s a lot you can take from this typical-girl tumblr, in all directions if you look for it.


Just consider how many guys have approached her in life, they’re barely names to her, but I guarantee she was their focus.


tl;dr Bitches and Hoes