Motivation is fleeting. Even when you’re dead-set on your goals, drumming up that initial burst of motivation to get up and actually start working can take some coercion. Some people have innate drive and discipline to get things done. I’m not one of them. I don’t believe very many people are.


The trick is that it’s all about the transition time. That’s the time it takes you to get focused on something new after you done with your last task (like napping or netflix). And that’s where a lot of my day goes. Complete waste of time.


The faster you can make this transition into work mode, the better.


Do The Dishes

This may sound weird to a few people at first, but washing the dishes is like productivity foreplay. When you wash the dishes, you are easily breaking into the transition time. It’s like the warm-up for your mindset. Each dish clean is an endorphin to your brain signaling the benefit for work. The satisfaction of cleaning the dishes, which is an easy task, can help trick your brain into realizing that harder work will have even more satisfaction endorphins. It focuses and calms you. Try it.


Clear Your Workspace

(If it’s not already clean.) Distractions are the enemy here. Unkempt desks and work areas can draw attention away form what actually has to be done. Clean desk = clean mind. You’ll also have the same transition qualities from the previous tip of doing the dishes. Small work to get warmed up.



This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m sure you’ve heard it everywhere. Getting the blood pumping through your veins and into your brain is proven to give you more energy for work. A healthy body is needed to have a healthy mind. Some people run in the mornings. Lifting weights is probably the best thing any guy can do. I think it’s safe to leave the explanation at that.



Generic tip #123123. But yeah, music works to get motivated. Something that stirs up your body and mind. My real online work time if early early in the morning so it takes a little something to get pumped up. Lyrics are good if you want to sing along. For your transition time, get pumped up. For your work time, put on something without lyrics, something that will just stimulate you in the background, not the main event.

Pro Tip: Combine music with the previous advice.




There’s been a lot of research over the past several years about how our habits shape us. When you get into a routine it’s almost sacrilegious if someone tries to break it. So make sure you’re forming good habits. Much of our lives are ruled by unconscious habits, good and bad, but we can change bad practices into good ones. When you find out the routine that works for you, stick to it every time you want to get shit done.


Hang in there baby cat

Now have some motivational cat pic.