Expense reports are not just something your company has you fill out for accounting procedures. They’re a secret test of your loyalty. It’s a test that can stop your promotions and can even cause you to be fired.


Companies can, and most always do, look very closely at how you spend their money. And make no mistake, it’s their money, not something you’re entitled to. Every time you hit “submit” on that claim, you’re putting your signature on a document that clearly points out who you loyal to.


  • Did you spend $30 at Starbucks?
  • Are you thrifty with the company’s money?
  • Do you treat the company’s money like your own, or do you spend like you’re on a vacation?


The foolish thing to do, is to consider expense reports as a chance to spend freely without guilt. Buying the “extra” perks they think they deserve. But be very diligent about what you permit your permanent record to say about you.

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Always be frugal with the company’s money!

Did that even need to be said? Well apparently. If you’re costing the company more than your co-workers on trips, on resources, on commuting expenses, you can guarantee that you will be the first one “downsized” in financial troubles.


Many companies are known to dredge through expense reports and flag the heavy spenders to find those “disloyal” to the company. Guess who’s names are on the layoff-list?


Your employer is always watching your expenses. Make sure you treat their money as you would your own. Seriously, it’s that simple.


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