Intro to success in everything.

So here we are.

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for some answers. Answers that are going to help you figure out the next step in your life, or tell you how to fix the glaring problems you’re facing. What we have here are a collection of resources, varying by category, that are going to do just that.


I can say that with confidence, because if you have the mindset of searching for answers, of improving yourself, then you’ve already won. That’s the battle. Wanting to improve is the first and most important battle of life. It is when we’re not improving that we become stagnant as humans, and we die. We die mentally, and we die physically. And it goes downhill fast.

Wanting to improve and change is the number one requirement for success through these, (and pretty much all), resources. If you don’t want to change, and you’re not open minded, you will find fault in every piece of information here. If you don’t want to be here, don’t be.

Warning! Reading the content here may lead to success.

You too can amount to nothing.

Good so you’re still reading. What you’re going to find on this site is an on-rails approach to improving yourself. The reading material is in order. Sometimes because it builds on the previous lessons, sometimes because that’s how I learned it.


So what order do we learn these topics?

Each category is like a venn-diagram. Sections overlap, and lessons in business are very much going to help your dating and vice versa. There is a loosely recommended order if you’re trying to better yourself in every area, but if you’re not interested in being fully awesome, you can selection a specific category.


For most people, the thought never occurs to them that they don’t have to work for anyone else. This simple fact of freedom brings with it incredible power and success and empowers every aspect of your life.


Knowing how to get what you want from people is paramount to your success. Learn how to use your knowledge to leverage you up to the spot you want to be. Manager, CEO, or just getting what you want.


Most people you know are brainwashed by the media into some warped version of what  relationships, (romantic or otherwise), are. Cut through all that crap and let’s see what really works.