You don’t need an MBA, a certificate, a fancy suit, a briefcase, or an above-average tolerance for risk. You just need an idea, a touch of confidence, and a push to get started.

If you’ve only read the classic entrepreneurship books, or studied from history’s greats, everything you think you know about creating a business is outdated. The good news is, you don’t need to obsess about planning. Overworking yourself is not the way to success. You need less than you think.


Forget your past idols. Emulate chefs and drug dealers. Avoid traditional marketing. Forget your formal education. Sounds crazy? Well those are steps to making something that truly matters. It’s the steps to making something that isn’t a generic copy, a business that isn’t derivative.


That’s what I love about Rework. It flips the script. It doesn’t try to fit in and it doesn’t apologize for it. Screw the mundane business speak. Screw synergizing backwards overflow. Reaching out to both new entrepreneurs and seasoned vets is the appeal. Are you still thinking about those myths about business? Rework is the alternative take to starting a business. It’s here to examine what happens when you rethink your circumstances.


You can ditch the assumptions:

  • Do you really need a long-term plan?
  • Do you really need outside money?
  • Do you really need people with a formal education?
  • Do you really need to “find the time?”
  • Do you really need to wait for inspiration?


If your business is really what your life is about, why wait? Why not start with what you have right now? You can start as small as you like, but the first step is getting started obviously. Cast away your excuses. You’re only robbing yourself of time and money. But most importantly, robbing yourself of your passion. Ideas are plentiful. Inspiration is extinguishable. Anyone can have an idea, but what matters is what you do and how well you execute.


“Until you start making something, your brilliant idea is just that, an idea. And everyone’s got one of those.”


And do you really need that venture capital start up? How much do you really need to begin? Start out small and lean. Keep your size low but your momentum heavy. Don’t just expand for the sake of growth. You become to slow to act quickly. Good enough is just fine.


What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. If you absorb the information in Rework, you can learn how to be more productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons more counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you.