Becoming financially independent is one of the most rewarding things you can achieve in life. Sit down and imagine, visualize, the point in time where you become in control of your life, you no longer are a slave to your job.


Financial freedom is a mindset. It is not a set of steps you take to make sure your assets pay for liabilities. It’s not collecting passive income from several businesses. It’s the thought processes you construct that allow you to have true freedom.


It’s hard to be who you want to be when you’re stuck doing the 9-5 job. The wealthy see the writing on the wall, a direct linear time exchanged for money transaction is a form of modern slavery.

J.O.B. – Just Over Broke


Being financially independent is not seen as an obtainable goal for the average man. 90% of the population have fallen for one of the greatest social traps ever constructed. These employees have been conditioned, indoctrinated, since pre-school into becoming batteries to power the modern day slave-holders.


> We are all dragged to school as children, we are told to follow orders. We go through the ropes, learning what’s expected of us. We move to the next grade, we do the same conditioning, then the next grade, then finally we graduate.


> We move to the next level of education, same thing. Follow the orders, walk in line, god forbid you rack up debt on a “worthless” degree.


Article: Why Men Should Not Go To College


> Congratulations!, You’re up to the next level, “Welcome to Initech, how can I serve you today?”, where you keep doing what someone else wants you to do.


> Step 4: You die.


Maybe you get married, maybe you have a mortgage, a house, kids. Soon the bills, and your wife, are increasing in size. You have to work harder to provide. People become so accustomed to working that society views not working as  failure. All that work, and in the end you don’t get the time invested back. You have been conditioned to “work” since age five when your mom dropped you off at preschool.

Fight Club the things you own


The idea of NOT doing this is such an alien thought to us as a society. People who don’t work in a cubical are seen as lazy, uneducated, unsuccessful. The truth that we’re born-and-bred slave dogs is an unpleasant one.  Thankfully, we’re indoctrinated from birth to identify with a concept of civilization that supposedly brings us light and progress.


The 9-5 workday exists to keep you hungry, to keep you tired, to never be alone with your own thoughts.



Because if you are alone with nothing you occupy yourself, no memos to write, no fires to put out, you think. And if you think, you soon realize that the whole racket is a scam to profit off your time.


At most jobs you’re brainwashed.  You have to love your “job”, you need “passion” for your work. Those who have no anchor to reality before they enter this labyrinth are vulnerable to the brainwashing. People work, and work, wasting away the only asset we can’t get more of: time. Soon we run out of time, and with it, the possibility to be financially free. These are the lives of most people.


Wage slave bear


Society tries to vilianize the rich,

“They say that wealth changes you. It doesn’t. Rather, it changes everyone around you. People who were your friends will grow angry that you ‘have money.’ – Pook


The majority of people that say money is the root of all evil tend to be rich ‘liberal’ college girls. And the weak willed guys who think agreeing will get them laid. Being financially free is not about being the 1%. It’s not about being greedy, or an “evil capitalist”. Being financially free is about independence. About having the ability to spend your time on your life’s goal, or finding out what your life’s goal is.