In a few days, Tinder is changing it’s business model, and you’re going to be let down.


Tinder’s new model is not just about adding to those who pay a subscription, it’s almost about a severe cutback to those who don’t. Here’s the kicker:


Limited number of swipes.


That alone would be enough of a deathblow, but it get’s even worse when you consider the implications of the other changes.


  • Users will be paying $9.99 for Tinder Plus if they’re under 30 years old, and $19,99 a month if they’re older.
  • You can connect to people in other cities legitimately now.
  • “Undo Button”, which allows wishy-washy girls (all of them) to retroactively change their swipe choices.


Clearly, the first problem is that everyone now will be “under 30”. And that’s lovely if you’re looking for a woman on the edge of fertility and clinging to every shred of youth she has.

Imagine paying that $10 to match up with girls JUST looking for their fix of attention validation. At least now you just spend a minute or two swiping through. Any girl can say she lives in the big city just to get attention from mass amounts of thirsty guys.


It was bad enough trying to fish out the Secret Internet Fatties, with their dim lighting, MySpace-angled camera shots, tight-in facial pics, and 6 year old photos from when she was in high school, 42 pounds ago. Now, we have to deal with them also lying about their age as well, so they can pay $10 for validation swipes instead of $20. Get ready for 31 year olds caking on the makeup so thick, just so her “declared” age of 28 seems mildly plausible. And now the service will be charging AND reducing the quality of girls. Now we’ll have whales lying about their age and location.




Analyst Morgan Stanley shows that this change will wreck the apps popularity and that it won’t have very much success monetizing its app.


“In our models, we assume that 5-6% of Tinder users become paying members”


And who are these members? The worst post-wall women, the ugliest, most desperate of guys.


Tinder is about to hit the wall just like all the future girls on the app.


Guys who need 1,000 swipes to get a single match will have to pay for premium. Chicks will happily continue being selective, swiping only 2-3 men a day, for free. Tinder is going after beta bucks.

Attractive men can still have success using Tinder for free. They just can’t swipe every girl anymore. They’ll have to start being selective. If anything kills Tinder, it will be a side effect of that: Girls will use the app far less if they’re only getting validation from guys in their own league.


Given that IAC owns Match and OkCupid, they are likely making this move as a scheme to introduce a new matching service. It keeps things fresh as I’m sure Tinder has worn down.

Their market research showed that 5% paying a subscription is more profitable than 100% using it for free. The point is that they aren’t killing their business; they don’t care if you quit using Tinder because it sucks for you as long as they are in the black.


Don’t be surprised when you find out that the next big hit is also owned by IAC.