Are you killing your career without even knowing it?



Most of us know to avoid doing stupid things; stealing, harassing, violence, shooting up black tar heroin at the staff meeting. But there’s a lot of stuff that you might not be aware of keeping you stuck in your same cubical for the rest of your career.


In the office, success does not come to those with the best skills or experience. It comes to those who know how to navigate the landscape of workplace office politics. Avoiding traps and pitfalls is Promotion 101.


Do you know what opinions your company has of you right now? Those opinions are actively determining your job security. And they’re not how hard you work, they’re built on the secret agendas within your company. What you don’t realize is that your company will never tell you when you’ve made one of these mistakes for fear of legal exposure. If you operate in the dark, you’re going to get spun the rhetoric: “We’ve had to reorganize your department,” “We just can’t afford to keep you on right now,” or “We’re moving in a different direction”.


Talking to HR can cost you your job.

The law cannot protect your job. Even if you’re right. Companies have learned to protect themselves fiercely from those they feel are out of alignment with what they value. If unfavorable judgments and opinions are allowed, they will put you in the sideline. One of HR’s secret objectives is to remove these unwanted employees while legally protecting the company. And most are VERY FUCKING GOOD AT IT.


There are ways a company can remove you so you never know what hit you or what you did!

Companies don’t just say “you’re fired” now a days, too risky legally.


HR is not there to protect¬†the employees, they’re there to protect the company from the employees. You should discuss any issues directly with your boss. HR is required to tell him anyway, so why involve formal shit that makes the company look bad?


Voicing negativity makes you look like a success risk.


Most people feel it’s their right to speak out on a policy they disagree with at a company, I’m not telling you not to enlist your legal rights, I’m’ saying that if you value your career, think smartly.


Unfortunately, the very laws designed to protect employees are now exactly what is keep their HR departments from helping them. Corporate environment paradox – companies can’t correct bad habits of employees but can’t afford to keep them on board.


Look at your actions through the eyes of the CEO. Do you outwardly act like someone who supports the company policies and interests? Do you openly behave and speak like someone who drinks the cool-aid? How close in alignment do your actions seem when viewed form the outside?


HR is usually given an equal, and sometimes secret vote, with key decision makers when it comes to employee decision making. Why’s that? Well because the employers know that HR departments are privy to information that others in the company might not have. Information that help them avoid liability down the road. HR is only able to help an employee if it supports the company’s agenda.


Let’s read that again:

HR is only able to help an employee if it supports the company’s agenda.



If you were CEO, you would never jeopardize your company by filing a formal claim.


Want to never work in the same industry again? File a Sexual-harassment claim

Once you make a claim like that, in 90% of companies, your career there is effectively done. Completely. Even if the “law” is on your side, you’re blackballed. You’re now seen as a legal threat, and they WILL find some way to get rid of you that is “completely unrelated” to your complaint. If you have to file such a complaint, you’d better damn well be sure that it’s life threatening, and even then you leave the company. At least then you leave with your career intact.


I’ll end on a light note.