The Unsoundly twitter feed is kind of new at this point. While it was created years ago, the only real activity began in January. And it’s now the end of March. I started actively replying, tweeting, etc around February and only this month, began using twitter as a part of my daily routine. Let’s take a look at what that’s gotten us the past 28 days:


Analytics twitter home



Not terrible, but not great either. While there are some close knit communities in the entrepreneurship and relationship-sphere, it’s not always easy to weasel your way into already saturated markets to get your voice out. None the less, I have been enjoying providing value on twitter. Some sound advice, some inspirational quotes, some funny pictures, everything a good feed needs. It’s being cultivated. Being molded into an audience with relationships that will take time to grow, but will surely blossom into success in the future. If they’re still being nurtured going forward.


Slowly, the daily reach climbs, as now I’m spending more time.



So why use twitter? Why use any social media really? To get your message out. To build a community. To connect with like minded people and grow together.


So why follow @MildlyUnsound? As of today, these are some of my favorite tweets. It’s a mix of the three big focuses on, business, careers, and relationships. See if something catches your eye.




At least those were some good ones this month, maybe not each 1,000+ views, but for the first few months, the analytics weren’t too bad. And in the end, it’s not even about the numbers anyway. It’s about the community, and relationships that twitter and other platforms can bring. Not only to your brand, but your network, and to other people’s lives. Let’s see where the feed is in another 28 days.




Just a few days latter (March 29th)

Twitter stats 2 update