I once saw a quote that went along the lines:

Men rule the world, but women rule the men.


Which is something that is more often true than not at this point in time. Don’t get me wrong, powerful men will never be ruled over by women, but the average man? He’s a slave to a society that devotes all it’s efforts to placating women. He’s a slave to his desires and the promise of future sex that never comes.


Women definitely have an incredible amount of influence on all spheres of life. Their influences are more covert, as is the way most of them operate. They manipulate the men into doing what they want through the implication of that future sex. Which may or may not ever come.


Today however, women are simply going for a more masculine influence, a power grab of leadership roles. Whether they can handle it or not. Anyone who believes women are powerless is a fool.


Just imagine all the peril we as a species have faced. Consider that women have survived more often than men have. Society knows that women are the limiting factor of reproduction. And when it comes to physically demanding, life threatening situations, women wouldn’t be able to keep up on the whole. Men protecting women is in the best interest of the species. Their evolutionary toolkit is not the same as a man. A man will naturally stand his ground and fight. Women are flighty, by design. A woman will escape harm the second she considers conditions safe to do so.


In relationship dynamics, women are opportunistic window shoppers. Their interest in men in general is little more than a relatively cheap investment in a stock with potential growth. She does NOT love you. She cannot.


Trophies do not exalt winners. It is winners who exalt trophies.


As Esthar Vilar mentions, women manipulate by self-abasement. Women, typically are weaker than the environment. They evolved to use men to do it for them. They will make a man believe that they are weak and powerless. And then the cherry on top, make men believe that it is our fault for oppressing them.


Men evolved to manipulate the environment. Women evolved to manipulate men.